Hobble Creek

Family Daycare

Our Goal is to provide children with a nurturing, healthy and safe environment that pomotes learning, a positive self-concept, and a secure feeling of well being.


For little ones, we provide an exciting, safe environment that is reinforced with love, encouragement and praise.


Our area is designed for little movers. The children are provided with an environment which helps their muscles grow stronger as their coordination improves. The room is bright and colorful and filled with stimulating activities. We make sure that the children are well taken care of, clean, and happy.  

The children play and learn to cooperate with each other. We are there to assist them in their social growth.


The goal of our Preschool program is to provide opportunities that will help children experience and practice the many different kinds of exercises that allow them to acquire feelings of competence, and to capture their natural interests. We feel it is very important for the children to learn about the world they live in and our program focuses on social skills and development.

This is accomplished by:

Providing stimulating materials that meet their many developmental needs.

Developing life skills through play. We recognize that PLAY is the means by which young children learn valuable life skills. If your child does not bring home a work sheet each day, they are still learning!

Fostering independence by organizing materials and space clearly so that children know what's available to them. Our toys are kept very organized and the children learn very quickly to put everything in its correct home.

Providing both active and quiet areas along with the appropriate toys and tools that promote skills and concept learning necessary for future cognitive and effective growth.