Hobble Creek

Family Daycare

I tried to teach my child with books;

He gave me only puzzles looks.

I tried to teach my child with words; They passed him by often unheard.

Despairingly, I turned aside;

"How shall I teach this child," I cried.

Into my hand he put the key,

"Come," He said, "Play with me."

~~~author unknown~~~

There's nothing in my bag today

There's nothing in my bag today.

Today I did my Math and Science - I toasted bread.

I halved and quartered, counted, measured, used my eyes, ears and head.

I added and subtracted on the way, I used the magnet blocks and memory tray.

I learnt about a rainbow and how to weigh. So please don't say,

"Anything in your bag today?"

You see I'm learning as I play, I learn to listen and speak clearly when I


To wait my turn, and when inside to walk.

To put my thoughts into a phrase, To guide my crayon through a maze.

To find my name and write it down, To do it with a smile and not a frown.

To put my pasting brush away, So please don't say,

"What, Nothing in your bag today?"

I've learnt about a snail and a worm, Remembered how to take my turn.

Helped a friend when he was stuck, Learned that water runs off a duck.

Looked at words from left to right, Agreed to differ, not to fight.

So please, don't say, "Did you only play today?"

Yes I played the whole day through, I played to learn the things I do.

I seek a problem, find a clue, and work out for myself just what to do.

My career sets the scene and stands nearby, To help me when I really try.

They are there to pose the problems, and to help me think.

I hope they'll keep me floating, and never let me sink.

All this is in my head, and not in my bag.

It makes me sad to hear you say, "Haven't you done anything today?"

When you attend your meetings and do your work today,

I will remember not to say to you.

"What, nothing in your bag? What did you do today?


Today like millions of other Americans

I went to work. I didn't design a beautiful skyscraper,

I didn't write a proposal to save an endangered species,

and I didn't drive a bus or fly a plane,

or write a crucial bill that would someday become a law.

However, I did spend time with some very important people.

I read a story to an attorney,

I sang the alphabet song with a Supreme Court Justice.

I ate Lunch with a pastor,

and patted the back of an engineer until he fell asleep.

Taught a policeman how to tie his shoes,

and introduced an astronaut to the color red.

Tomorrow, who knows whom I'll meet,

but one thing is for sure.....

They will be very IMPORTANT

For they are our precious children,

and the hope of our very future.


Red paint in the hair? Blue paint on the jeans?

Sand in the shoes? Peanut butter on a favorite shirt?

White socks that look brown? Sleeves a bit damp?


worked with a friend

solved a problem

created a masterpiece

negotiated a difference

learned a new skill

had a great time

developed new language skills


feel lonely

become bored

do a repetitive task that is babyish

do worksheets that are too easy

do sit down work that is discouraging


paid good money for those clothes

will have trouble getting the red paint out

are concerned the caregiver isn't paying enough attention to your child


was aware of your child's special needs and interests

spent time planning a challenging activity for the children

encouraged the children to try new things

was worried you might be concerned

Young children really learn when they are actively involved in play...not when someone is talking to them. There is a difference between "messy" and "lack of care." Your caregiver made sure your child was fed, warm, offered new skills and planned messy fun things to do because that's how your children learn!

Send your child in clothes that can get dirty! Keep extra clothes at the site for the times when the child gets really messy. But remember, your children need time to be kids.

Toddlers Creed

If I want it, it's mine.

If I gave it to you and I change my mind later,

it's mine.

If I can take it away from you,

it's mine.

If I had it a little while ago,

it's mine.

If it's mine, it will never belong to anyone else,

no matter what.

If we are building something together,

all the pieces are mine.

If it looks like mine, it's mine.

You say that you love your children,

And are concerned that they learn today,

As am I, that's why I'm providing

A variety of kinds of play.

You are asking what's the value

Of having your children play?

Your daughter's creating a tower,

She may be a builder someday.

You're asking me the value

Of blocks and sand and clay.

Your children are solving problems,

They will use that skill every day.

You're saying that you don't want your son

To play in that sissy way.

He's learning to cuddle a doll,

He may be a father someday.

You're questioning the interest centers,

They just look like useless play.

Your children are making choices,

They'll be on their own someday.

You're worried your children aren't learning

And later they'll have to pay.

They're learning a pattern for learning,

For they'll be learners always.