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Family Daycare

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Hobble Creek Family Daycare

665 South Canyon Drive

Springville, Utah 84663


FULL NAME OF CHILD________________________DATE OF BIRTH______________

NICKNAME (if preferred)________________________________________________

DATE OF ENROLLMENT_________________________________________________

HOME ADDRESS_______________________________________________________

HOME PHONE NUMBER________________________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN FULL NAME_________________________________________

DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER______________________________________________

HOME ADDRESS_______________________________________________________

HOME PHONE NUMBER_________________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS_______________________________________________________

PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT__________________________________________________

WORK ADDRESS________________________________________________________

WORK PHONE NUMBER__________________________________________________

CELL PHONE NUMBER___________________________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN FULL NAME___________________________________________

DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER_______________________________________________

HOME ADDRESS________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE NUMBER__________________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS__________________________________________________________

PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT____________________________________________________

WORK ADDRESS___________________________________________________________

WORK PHONE NUMBER_____________________________________________________

CELL PHONE NUMBER_______________________________________________________


Information of responsible person(s) who can be contacted if you cannot be reached and who are authorized to pick up your child from daycare. Any person on this list is authorized to pick up your child at any time, without notice from you, unless noted otherwise. Please be selective. These people will also be contacted if we cannot reach you.


Relationship to child______________ Phone_____________

Address ____________________________________________________________________


Relationship to child______________ Phone_____________

Address ____________________________________________________________________


The weekly rate is $110 (age 0 - 24 months)

The weekly rate is $95 (age 2 years and up)

Tuition is a flat rate and stays the same regardless of attendance or hours.

All payments are due in advance with no exceptions.

Payment is due in full each Friday in advance for the following week, unless special arrangements are made and so noted below (by the provider only).

Special arrangements (if any)_________________________________________________

Tuition paid with state funds is due in advance on the first of each month. Tuition is to be paid in advance by the parent, if, for ANY reason funds are not available on the card. It is the PARENT’S responsibility to make sure payment is made, not the state's.

The parent is to transfer the funds on the 1st of each month and let us know the confirmation number. If we do not recieve the confirmation number on the 1st, an automatic $35.00 fee is added and then $10.00 per day added after that. Co-pays are also due in full at the 1st of each month. Children may not attend if funds are not available. 

Checks are to be made payable to: LYN WHEARLEY

If you are taking vacation, a holiday falls on a Friday, or your child will not be in attendance on a Friday, then payment is to be made early. You may post-date your check for the day it is due.


There is a late fee of $10 per day added for each day that payment is late. Late fees apply to state assistance clients as well as self-pay clients.

If you write a check on the day due and yet it bounces, you will be charged the bounced check fee (currently $35.00) PLUS $10 per day from the date on the check until the funds are actually in our account.

We have to protect our income. After one month, delinquent accounts will be turned over to Advance Credit Management (in Orem) for collections processing. The collection agency automatically adds 40% to the amount due for itself, plus any attorney fees, court fees and interest fees. Once an account has been turned over to collections, payment can no longer be legally paid to us. You will have to pay them and all associated costs.

Payment is due by 6PM on Friday. At 6:01 PM, payment is late and the late fee will be added. It will be added at 6:01PM each day thereafter until payment is received in full.

Children may not attend daycare unless FULL payment and ALL late fees are paid up to date.

Partial payment is not acceptable.

Continuous late payments are grounds for termination of child care. However, fees will accrue until the account is paid in full.

Client agrees to pay all late payments, late fees and two week’s paid notice even after termination of child care. Client also agrees to pay for all court, attorney and collection agency fees involved in the collection of late payments, late fees and two week’s notice.

All accounts are reported to Provider Watch and Day Care Share. These are web-based credit reporting agencies that work for daycare providers exclusively. A poor daycare payment history will affect your credit.

Daycare providers around the country use these services. A negative report may decrease your ability to find daycare elsewhere. If you are denied care because of a report to either of these agencies, you may contact them for details.

Checks are accepted if they from a local bank only. (Utah County)

If more than two checks are returned unpaid, only cash will be accepted from then on.

There is an instant $35 fee for returned checks. The fee will be more depending on how much our bank charges US for the returned check. A late payment of $10 per day will also be added as we have not actually been paid until the money is in our bank.


Please see the handbook for complete details.

If you cannot pick your child up by 6PM, it is YOUR responsibility to arrange for someone else to come and get your child. It is not the responsibility of the daycare to call everyone on your contact list, trying to arrange pick-up. We will only call after 6PM, when we have the time. Late fees will apply until the child is picked up. If after two hours, we are unable to reach you or someone on your list to pick up the child, Child Protective Services will be called to pick up the child.

Late pick up fee is $1 per minute.


Please see the handbook for full information on our sick policy.


See handbook for complete details.

Five days vacation time per family (not per child) is given per calendar year to full-time clients (only). No payment is due for these days off upon at least one week’s notice in writing. Vacation time is pro-rated the first year depending upon your date of enrollment. After that, the five days may be taken between January and December of the same year. There are no rollovers to the following year. Vacation time cannot be used towards two week’s notice if care is terminated. Vacation time cannot be used to avoid paying holiday pay to the provider.

Your first year vacation time is ____ days.


Nap time is after lunch. ALL children are expected to rest at nap time. The children need this rest time and we need the quiet time to be able to clean up and prepare for the afternoon’s activities, catch up on paperwork etc. Please be reminded that we do not get breaks or lunch breaks as in other jobs! Nap time is our only time to relax a little in a 12+ hour work day! Parents are discouraged from visiting during nap time unless they are picking up for the day. It is very disruptive to the sleeping children. They do not understand why their friend can get up and play while they have to have nap time.

All children are required to bring a nap blanket which STAYS at the daycare. Please provide a small child sized quilt or sleeping bag that is labeled permanently with the child’s name.

No full size blankets/quilts please! We launder the nap blankets weekly.


Normal wear and tear is expected in a childcare setting and we gladly accept any costs related to replacement and repair in those situations. However, anything your child wilfully destroys or damages due to inappropriate behaviour or non-supervision by parents during drop off and/or pick up will be charged to the parent. This charge will be added to your childcare bill and will be expected to be paid in full with your normal balance due before any additional services are provided.


Two FULL week’s paid notice in writing is required to drop your child from the daycare facility. Full pay is due regardless of vacation time, holidays or daycare closures.

Full payment is required even if the child is not in attendance. Vacation time cannot be used as notice. Vacation time is voided as soon as notice is given.

Until WRITTEN notice is received, notice is not in effect.

Not bringing your child is not considered notice.

Hobble Creek Family Daycare reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time for any reason.

We reserve the right to immediate termination of services under certain circumstances (such as children or clients who are a threat to others, non-payment etc)


This contract is subject to annual review. Clients will be notified well in advance of any changes.


Parent/Guardian __________________________________ Date _______________

Parent/Guardian __________________________________ Date _______________

Provider _________________________________________ Date _______________