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Springville Utah (801)513-7593

Hobble Creek Family Daycare is a fully licensed family daycare located in beautiful Springville Utah. We currently care for children aged 1 year and up in a loving, home like atmosphere. We offer safe, affordable, high quality and most importantly... loving care to every child who joins our extended family. It is important to me that the children consider this a home away from home rather than "school". There will be time for many years of school ahead. Children need to be children and to have time to explore and grow at their own pace.

Hobble Creek Family Daycare

Home Away From Home

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"When Lyn and David started Hobble Creek Family Daycare, I was thrilled. The first time I walked through the door, I knew my kids were "home". The house was clean, smelt good,..."

Clint and Ruth

"When I first realized I would have to take my daughter to daycare, I was so worried about her being "just a number" to someone. If she couldn't be home with me, she deserved to be with someone that felt like family and treated her as such. I knew within a few minutes..."